Owner, Master Stylist

photo of Danny Rateliff, Owner, Master Stylist Danny Rateliff
Danny Rateliff Hair Salon
3106 Richmond Road
Texarkana, TX, 75503 USA

Danny Rateliff entered the hair industry world in 1985. Danny is a master hair colorist & platform artist, having taught hundreds of hair colorists across the nation. With knowledge of the top 10 hair color brands in the world, Danny still lectures to professional stylists across the country while maintaining a thriving clientele and still being active in his Texarkana salon location.

Danny has trained in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, New York City, Dallas, Tampa Bay, Orlando, and Indianapolis, just to mention a few, studying hair fashions from such industry icons as the Trevor Sorbe Academy (London), Vidal-Sassoon, Fernando Ramero, Michael O’Rourke, Phillip Wilson, Sam Villa, and many others.

Texarkana Hair Salon
3106 Richmond Rd
Texarkana, TX 75503
(903) 832-6470
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